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Chipotle - Food Crayon

Chipotle - Food Crayon

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The Chipotle, is a smoke-dried ripe jalapeño chili pepper used for seasoning. It is a chili used primarily in Mexican and Mexican-inspired cuisines, such as Tex-Mex and Southwestern United States dishes. Usage: The Chipotle Food Crayon is applied by sharpening shavings directly onto plates, desserts, or drinks when serving them. As the shavings come into contact with the food, they release the chipotle flavor, adding a smoked taste to the dishes. Serving size: 5 to 10 shavings per plate. For smaller bite-size servings or drinks, 1 or 2 shavings should suffice. Shelf life and storage: The Chipotle Food Crayon has a shelf life of up to 12 months. To maintain its freshness and quality, store it in its tube in the refrigerator after opening.

Sharpener included

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